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Primary Whistle

The Instruments

Time for a Song

Musictime.ie is an exciting new comprehensive online music resource designed to enhance the teaching and learning of music. It comprises of a suite of music resources.

Primary Whistle assists in teaching tin whistle (regardless of musical ability). The multimedia resources included in Primary whistle may also be used to assist in the teaching of other melodic instruments. Lessons are graded and each lesson includes staff notation, video clips, backing tracks and easy practical instructions. Lessons are suitable for Primary school children, and for Junior Cert students who wish to perform on a melodic instrument for their Junior Cert music exam.
Feadogonline is the Irish Language version of Primary Whistle. We greatly appreciate the assistance of COGG with this site which was developed in response to numerous requests from Gaelscoileanna.
The Instruments. This resource gives students the opportunity to view video clips featuring different musical instruments. Each musician plays a tune which has featured on the Primary Whistle and Feadogonline courses which allows the students to play along.
Time for a Song: This will be our newest addition to the MUSICTIME suite. It is currently under construction and will be live in Sept 2014. It will feature several popular songs and will include some of the songs featured in Primary Whistle allowing the students to create interesting arrangements of their own.

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